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"WHEN THE WATER DREAMS... CLOUDS ARE BORN". Felt art clouds pillows.

An essay on the inspiration to create artistic composition of textile sculptures - felt clouds

I called the composition of felted clouds - art objects and decorative pillows - "When the Water dreams ... clouds are born!"
This poetic name for me expresses the one mysterious, magical process that creates clouds.

From a scientific point of view the process of cloud formation and movement of Earth and Water in order to self-regulation of the unified system, such as the Earth represents. 

Art installation "When the water dreams ..."

This process actually transfer water from one place to another, exchanging matter and energy, but at the same time so really the Water travels! 
Water floats over the world and brings different information, thus transfers what is accepted and remembered by some places and it gives others.
It is not always good in terms of our moral and ethical notions of good and evil, but is always an exchange of energy.

Thus equalize poles, aligne the turbulences on some places to other places.
This creates harmony.

Clouds, rocks, sheep or baby seals? :) As you prefer them - comfortable for backrest and cuddling!

When the Water dreams ... And She dreams of a world in which everything is beautiful!

She, the Water is in us, below us, above us, everywhere!
Because the Water builds up our bodies and the body of this magical planet, which is our home, our Mother and we are also a whole - water people, aquatic creatures on water planet!

This water in the clouds was born from the Earth, it belongs to the the Earth and returns to her.
This is a light state of our Mother, who keeps her balance, harmonize her own electricity, polarities, her magnetism.

Sometimes the process is not proceeding in the most harmonious way.
But we are also responsible for this balance, maintaining the balance of her eco system.

Did you know that the water in us can interact with the water in the clouds, with air in them, with soil particles and the fire of electricity, which sometimes occurs there?

Felt clouds as artistic objects or home textiles -
pillows for the floor or bed in the living room or bedroom.
They are well-crafted, solid, firm and very strong. They can be washed in the washing machine.
You'll find them in my Internet store LanAArt:

Clouds are also a collection of the elements that create life.
If seawater is our mother and our essence from which we are all came and she is the essence of creation on this planet, the essence of the matter, our Mater - mother, the clouds are something that also creates matter. They are her instruments, they carry information to long distances. Thus the Water travels because her magical ability to reside in all states of the Earth, gives her this opportunity.

Yes, the clouds are more than water in gaseous state - they have all of the elements.

And the storm also gives birth to life, because it converts things. In the interaction of water, fire, air and earth particles borns a new nature, a new material, new energy, oxygen, ozone ...

Felt Clouds - actually big and small decorative pillows
or perhaps sheep - warm and kind of the cuddling.
By Svetlana Kostova - LAnAArt.

Fire transforms, purifies.
You know how beautiful is everything when the storm is over.
Therefore however it brings negative emotions and scares us, sometimes the storm is necessary.

10 white clouds of felt ready to fly across the ocean to reach Hotel Acme in Chicago
Felt Clouds - art objects and decorative pillows I made with love
for the lobby of the hotel Acme in Chicago (pictured). There they create cosiness and warmth!

But what are the fluffy clouds?
They are like small itinerant ambassadors of the Water.

These art objects - textile sculptures have
very practical application -
such as pillows for the couch or floor.

Black sheep, or dark cloud, or
that sweet barbaron :)
Textile sculpture
and perhaps just a big cushion
made by me!

They travel alone, but prefer to eventually meet and create more clouds and even larger clouds. When they gather in large clusters, where begin to tell their stories, then occurs accumulating a certain potential, a specific charge and electricity, and often there is born the storm, because need of balance, of change.

For plays and dreams!

But sometimes occur clouds, whose message is harmonious. Thus these clusters continue their journey until they encounter others, where change happens.

Clouds like mountains, because there rest. 
There they are filled with the fresh scent of the the earth and ether of the plants, pines and other conifers. There are purified.
And this water in clouds prefers to return to the virgin expanse of mountains.
Finally will take over the earth, down to the people and cities, but before it will be purified, will be alive to bear life-giving down to the plains.  

Pink clouds are happy clouds!

To rise above the clouds it means to look down on life with an understanding of what is the nature of things. And in fact, everything is perfect ...

Everything is perfect!


More information about felt clouds - decorative pillows and art objects can be found in my e-shop LanAArt section HOME DECOR:

Their maintenance is easy. No need for frequent cleaning. You can wash them by hand, in a washing machine or give them to the cleaners.

But remember, the felt clouds are created to be loved! 

Svetlana Kostova

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